Hurricane IRMA / MARIA Update: 09/25 – 10:09PM

Update: 09/25

Hurricane Maria passed and left a devastating mark on Puerto Rico. Vieques was also affected by it. Communication is still difficult since electricity and phone services are down. Nevertheless we have been able to contact the Malecon House team and can confirm that everybody is safe.

We have some bruises, but those will heal quickly. The roof is still there. The palm trees and gardens took a beating, and we will enjoy replanting. The awning came off and will be replaced soon. I think we were very fortunate.

At this point we do not have a full assessment of how the rest of the island was affected by hurricane Maria. We will keep you posted as more news is available. If you have a current reservation please email us at We will communicate with you from our off island reservation team.

Please continue to keep Vieques in your thoughts and prayers. We have a lot of work ahead of us on our beautiful island.

Please also see our Facebook and Instagram account for up-to-date information


Update: 09/06

We have spent the past 3 days preparing for hurricane Irma. During the next 48 hours, as the storm passes, communication unfortunately might be limited, due to technical reasons, and it might take us a moment or two to respond to any request through the website.

Thank you of your patience.

Your Malecon House team